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Male Homosexuality in the Philippines: a short history

  title={Male Homosexuality in the Philippines: a short history},
  author={J. Cherry Neil and Chris Garcia},
Locked down queer love: intimate queer online relationships during the COVID-19 pandemic
ABSTRACT Gay couples who have been displaced by the COVID-19 pandemic had to work with communication platforms so that they could process and proceed with their relationships. Using the notion of
Strengthening Capacities Towards a Resilient Future: The case of Sexual and Gender Minorities in Tacloban City, Philippines after the 2013 Typhoon Haiyan
This thesis explores the experiences, challenges, and roles of people who identify as sexual and gender minorities in the context of disaster risk reduction management and practices. In recent
Queer, brown, migrant: documenting the Hong Kong ‘Helper’
ABSTRACT This paper treats the documentaries Sunday Beauty Queen (2017) and The Helper (2017) to explore how domestic workers in Hong Kong are represented as forcibly queered, forced by circumstance
Accepted or Not: Homosexuality, Media, and the Culture of Silence in the Philippine Society
The presence of homosexuals in mainstream media is widespread in the Philippines. Case in point are the images of homosexuals depicted in a popular Philippine noontime variety show. As an observer,
“I am not promiscuous enough!”: Exploring the low uptake of HIV testing by gay men and other men who have sex with men in Metro Manila, Philippines
Misconceptions about HIV risk, disease, and treatment and care need to be addressed in order to increase uptake of HIV services in this population.
Outsourced Heroes and Queer Incorporations: Labor Brokerage and the Politics of Inclusion in the Philippine Call Center Industry
This article examines state and corporate discourses that portray outsourced call center workers as bagong bayani, or “new national heroes” of the Philippines. Through a queer reading of state
Bodies at Risk: “Managing” Sexuality and Reproduction in the Aftermath of Disaster in the Philippines Kaira
Abstract This article explores the intersection of sexual and reproductive health, development and human rights in the context of managing post-disaster relief and rehabilitation operations. As a
Negative Self-Identity, Autonomy Support, and Disclosure Among Young Filipino Gay Men
This study used the Theory of Reasoned Action (TRA) as a lens to examine disclosure among Filipino gay men, despite the fact that disclosure of a gay man’s sexual identity is a western construct.