Male Corncrakes Crex crex extend their home ranges by visiting the territories of neighbouring males

  title={Male Corncrakes Crex crex extend their home ranges by visiting the territories of neighbouring males},
  author={J. {\vS}kl{\'i}ba and R. Fuchs},
  journal={Bird Study},
  pages={113 - 118}
Capsule Radiotracked male Corncrake often intruded on the territories of neighbouring males. Aims To test that intruders' visits are goal-directed, not just a by-product of extended spatial activity during daylight hours. Methods Using radiotelemetry, we sampled a total of 20 three-day home ranges from 11 tagged males. We recorded daily vocal activity and used a permutation test to see if the movements of tracked males were independent of the position of neighbouring males. Results The majority… Expand
Neighbour–stranger call discrimination in a nocturnal rail species, the Corncrake Crex crex
AbstractThe acoustic signals of birds are commonly used for individual recognition. Calls or songs allow discrimination between parent and offspring, between mates and between territorial neighboursExpand
Survival and Departure of Corncrakes Crex crex on Managed Breeding Grounds
Postponed mowing increases the probability of males remaining at the breeding sites thus enabling them to re-nest or initiate second broods, and this effect has a strong direct effect on departure rates. Expand
Nonpasserine bird produces soft calls and pays retaliation cost
Results show that soft call is a signal of aggressive motivation in the corncrake, and it is argued that the reliability of this signal is maintained by a receiver-retaliation rule. Expand
Habitat selection and calling activity of the Lewin's Rail (Lewinia pectoralis pectoralis)
Combining wildlife conservation and urban development often can be problematic. Lewin's Rail is a near threatened, cryptic ground-dwelling bird that is found on land subject to development activityExpand
The distribution of a threatened migratory bird species in a patchy landscape: a multi-scale analysis
Understanding the driving forces behind the distribution of threatened species is critical to set priorities for conservation measures and spatial planning. We examined the distribution of a globallyExpand
Impact of land cover homogenization on the Corncrake (Crex crex) in traditional farmland
ContextThe loss of landscape heterogeneity is causing declines of farmland biodiversity around the world. Traditional farmland regions are often highly heterogeneous and harbor high biodiversity, butExpand
Individually characteristic corncrake Crex crex song reveals long-distance movements within the breeding season
..................................................................................................................................... i SammendragExpand
Zagęszczenie samców derkacza Crex crex na wybranych powierzchniach w Polsce
Abstrakt: Badania nad rozmieszczeniem i liczebnością derkacza przeprowadzono w latach 2007–2011 na obszarze 12 lokalizacji w Polsce. Jednokrotnie skontrolowano 238 kwadratow sieci UTM o wymiarach 1×1Expand
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The incidence of nocturnal song by male Corncrakes Crex crex is reduced during pairing
Findings suggest that surveillance of nocturnal song production could be used as a non-intrusive method of assessing whether male Corncrakes are attracting mates. Expand
Populations, ecology and threats to the Corncrake Crex crex in Europe
Declines in the population of the Corncrake have been reported from most states in the breeding range in Europe. States in eastern Europe with lower intensity of agriculture tend to have largerExpand
A simulation model of the effect of mowing of agricultural grassland on the breeding success of the corncrake (Crex crex)
Differences in productivity, estimated from average mowing dates, between regions of Britain and Ireland with stable or slowly declining corncrake populations and those with rapidly declining populations are approximately large enough for differences in mowing practice to be the principal cause of the observed difference in population trend. Expand
Spatial distribution and spacing behaviour of males in a Russian corncrake (Crex crex) population
La distribution dans l'espace et le comportement d'espacement des coqs râles de genets (Crex crex) chanteurs ont ete etudies entre 1982 et 1985 dans une population russe de reproducteurs. DesExpand
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