Malaria parasites and chloroquine concentrations in Tanzanian schoolchildren.

  title={Malaria parasites and chloroquine concentrations in Tanzanian schoolchildren.},
  author={Urban Hellgren and Orjan Ericsson and Charles M. Kihamia and Lars Rombo},
  journal={Tropical medicine and parasitology : official organ of Deutsche Tropenmedizinische Gesellschaft and of Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Technische Zusammenarbeit},
  volume={45 4},
Subtherapeutic doses of chloroquine (CQ) are considered to promote development of Plasmodium falciparum resistance but little is actually known about the drug levels in the population in endemic areas. We have therefore measured blood concentrations of CQ in Tanzanian schoolchildren and related these to parasite microscopy. A total of 163 children (median age 11 years) in a suburb outside Dar es Salaam were followed during four weeks. Thick and thin blood films were obtained once weekly… CONTINUE READING

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