Malaria in Maremma, Italy.

  title={Malaria in Maremma, Italy.},
  author={Manuela Baldari and Angelo Tamburro and Guido Sabatinelli and Roberto Romi and Carlo Severini and G Cuccagna and Graciela Fiorilli and Massimo Allegri and Carolina Buriani and Mario Toti},
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BACKGROUND In August, 1997, a woman with no history of travel to malarious regions developed Plasmodium vivax malaria. She lived in a rural area of Italy where indigenous Anophyles labranchiae mosquitoes were present. METHODS AND FINDINGS An environmental investigation was done within a 3 km radius of the patient's house. Adult mosquitoes and larvae were collected and examined by PCR with the gene for plasmodium circumsporozoite protein as target. About 200 people living in the area were… CONTINUE READING