Malacological char ac ter is tic of the Weichselian Up per Pleniglacial ( MIS-2 ) loess pro file in T 3 umaczów ( SW Po land )

  • Witold Pawe 3 ALEXANDROWICZ, Dariusz CISZEK
  • Published 2013
The pro file of silty sed i ments in T3umaczów was the sub ject of de tailed lithological and malacological anal y ses. Abun dant malacofauna rep re sented by typ i cal loess spe cies were found in the sed i ments. The vari abil ity of the spe cies com po si tion and eco log i cal struc ture of fau nal as sem blages pro vided the ba sis for the re con struc… CONTINUE READING