Making waves

  title={Making waves},
  author={Charles H. Townes},
How a stroll in the park led to the beginning of quantum electronics. 

John Ambrose Fleming and the beginning of electronics

2004 was the centenary of John Ambrose Fleming’s momentous patent on the thermionic diode that can be called the birth of electronics. The “Edison effect” was discovered in 1882; this was later shown


In 1916, Einstein postulated the existence of induc e emission ( einstrahlung), where a quantum of radiation from a light beam induced a molecule in an excited state to emit a quantum of radiation of

Non-perturbative collective properties of trapped ultracold atomic gases

Non-perturbative collective properties of trapped ultracold atomic gases by Vitaliy Kaurov Thesis supervisor: Prof. Dr. Anatoly Kuklov In this thesis two problems in the field of ultracold atomic

Argentine intellectuals as harbingers of modernity: the democratization projects of Marcos Aguinis.

OF DISSERTATION Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in History in the Graduate School of Northeastern University April, 2012

Analytical and empirical measurement of fiber photometry signal volume in brain tissue

This work analytically model and experimentally measure the light emission and collection fields for optical fibers in solution and scattering tissue, providing a comprehensive characterization of fibers commonly employed for fiber photometry.

Is It Time to Jump Ship? Historians Rethink the Waves Metaphor

The waves metaphor to delineate feminist activism in the United States is troublesome, to say the least. Despite its problems, the waves model has tremendous staying power when it comes to

Micro-fabricated implantable hybrid neural interfaces for optogenetics

A wireless-powered, multichannel optrodes array that is capable of simultaneous light stimulation and electrical neural recording and based on the development of hybrid neural interfaces, an optogenetics-based cortical visual prosthesis has been designed for treating all forms of blindness.

Potential for Use of Ionic Liquids in Czech Industry

Recent developments and changes during the last decade are outlined for Czech industry as a whole, with the focus on the chemical industry and Research and Development in the Czech Republic. Using

Religious commodities, spiritual markets and the media

The relationship between the religious commodity market, popular culture and political economy remains under-theorized. The globalization of religion has led to a massive global trade in on-line and