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Making the Local: Anthropology & the Suburban Citizen

  title={Making the Local: Anthropology \& the Suburban Citizen},
  author={David Jeevendrampillai},
Through anthropology at the edge, this thesis looks at how social projects form in dialogic relation to the ‘other’ as they meet and contest the meaning, values and forms of the material world. This PhD emerged between two social projects who aimed to make better suburbs. One, the Adaptable Suburbs Project (ASP) aimed to release the “untapped potential” of suburbs through a methodology of architectural analysis that combined different data sources. An online mapping platform aimed to collect… 

The Human Figure and Urban Ground: Cyborgs and the City

  • A. Parkhurst
  • Art
    The New bioethics : a multidisciplinary journal of biotechnology and the body
  • 2016
This paper briefly follows self-described cyborgs who delimit the body through sensory ‘enhancement’ in an effort to disrupt common relationships between the human figure and the urban ground.

Urban Hitchhiking: Wandering with Others as a Research Method

This essay introduces urban hitchhiking, a reflective practice of sharinga walk with strangers, and considers its relevance for research and artisticpractice. Drawing from ethnography,

The social condenser: again, again and again—the case for the Narkomfin Communal House, Moscow

This article reexamines the Narkomfin Social Condenser not as a discrete architectural form but as one of a series of many iterations that must be taken into consideration as an emerging whole over



What was socialism, and what comes next?

Among the first anthropologists to work in Eastern Europe, Katherine Verdery had built up a significant base of ethnographic and historical expertise when the major political transformations in the

The Application of Space Syntax Methodologies in Researching The Contemporary Urban Past: Embedding ‘Configurational Ethnography’ The Case of South Norwood

This paper explores the potential of the application of space syntax theory and methods for anthropological research into the contemporary urban past. Specifically it examines how such a methodology

Do the suburbs exist? Discovering complexity and specificity in suburban built form

In human geography cities are routinely acknowledged as complex and dynamic built environments. This description is rarely extended to the suburbs, which are generally regarded as epiphenomena of the

Structures of hosting in a south-western Chinese town

This thesis focuses on the materiality of hospitality situations in an industrial county- level town in south-west China, and its rural peripheries. Using ethnographic data, it demonstrates the

How Buildings 'Surprise': The Renovation of the Alte Aula in Vienna

Can old buildings faithfully transmit social meaning? Conservation studies have taught us for decades that buildings are valuable for their historical substance and symbolic value gradually acquired

Cities: Reimagining the Urban

This book develops a fresh and challenging perspective on the city. Drawing on a wide and diverse range of material and texts, it argues that too much contemporary urban theory is based on nostalgia

More on ‘big things’: building events and feelings

This paper begins by reviewing a range of recent work by geographers conceptualising buildings less as solid objects and more as performances. Buildings, it is argued, are not given but produced, as

Writing culture : the poetics and politics of ethnography : a School of American Research advanced seminar

In these new essays, a group of experienced ethnographers, a literary critic, and a historian of anthropology, all known for advanced analytic work on ethnographic writing, place ethnography at the

Participation, Local Knowledge and Empowerment: Researching Public Space with Young People

A growing number of reflective and critical voices around participatory research practices have questioned the extent to which power can be transferred to participants through such methods. In this