Making the ‘last Chinaman’: Photography and Chinese as a ‘vanishing’ people in Australia's rural local histories

  title={Making the ‘last Chinaman’: Photography and Chinese as a ‘vanishing’ people in Australia's rural local histories},
  author={Sophie Couchman},
  journal={Australian Historical Studies},
  pages={78 - 91}
Abstract From the 1900s residents of declining former gold-rush towns in south-eastern Australia took snapshot photographs of frail, elderly Chinese men. A small but distinct group of these photographs were subsequently termed the ‘last Chinaman’. This article argues that photographs of the ‘last Chinaman’ have been mobilised in local histories, to describe Chinese involvement in the gold rushes as part of the history of rural towns, contributing to the construction of Chinese Australians in… 
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Preface..1 Introduction: Australian history on the eve of the millennium..2 The last hero? History and hero-worship..3 Monumental history: Do statues (still) speak?..4 The Great Voyage: National
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