Making sure children receive good care closer to home.

  • Nick Triggle
  • Published 2015 in
    Emergency nurse : the journal of the RCN Accident…


WITH DISCUSSION about NHS performance focusing on the number of older people attending emergency departments (EDs) this winter, it is easy to forget that children and young people are a major source of demand too. The scale of this demand is indicated by 11 new standards produced by a coalition of national bodies, including the Royal College of Nursing (RCN). Children make up more than one quarter of all attendances and, as RCN general secretary Peter Carter says, many could be managed outside hospital if planning and co-ordination were improved. The standards, which are set out in the panel below, have been published with examples of good practice in Facing the Future: Together for Child Health, a report by the RCN, Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, and Royal College of GPs. An attempt to inject new impetus into improving unscheduled children’s care, the standards were drawn up to ensure mild-to-moderately unwell children receive appropriate, high quality diagnoses and care close to home and early in their patient pathways. Their publication follows that of standards for acute general paediatric services and emergency care for children and young people. According to the royal colleges, there would be fewer ED visits by children if the standards were met. The report does not state exactly how many visits could be prevented, but points out that estimates for the proportion of unnecessary ED attendances range from 15% to 40%, with children presenting with signs and symptoms of minor illnesses being the largest subgroup. In this subgroup, children aged one or two years and young people in their mid-teens have the highest rates of attendance. Some of these children and young people bypass general practice and head straight to EDs, while others have had

DOI: 10.7748/en.23.2.8.s10

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