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Making sense of Fulgoroidea (Hemiptera): new phylogenetic evidence

  title={Making sense of Fulgoroidea (Hemiptera): new phylogenetic evidence},
  author={K. A. Hamilton},
  • K. A. Hamilton
  • Published 2013
  • Biology
  • Antennal sensilla in more than 450 genera of all 21 putative families of Fulgoroidea provide characters that correlate well with other characters, including those of nymphal wax filaments and adult behaviour. Together, these characters indicate that Issidae, Lophopidae and Tropiduchidae are polyphyletic taxa, and suggest that Achilidae, Caliscelidae, Cixiidae and Dictyopharidae are paraphyletic. Two strongly supported monophyletic lineages comprise six plesiomorphic taxa (Achilidae+ Cixiidae… CONTINUE READING
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