Making an Indonesian National Hero for Lombok

  title={Making an Indonesian National Hero for Lombok},
  author={Kevin W. Fogg},
  journal={Indonesia and the Malay World},
  pages={1 - 22}
  • Kevin W. Fogg
  • Published 2 January 2019
  • Sociology
  • Indonesia and the Malay World
ABSTRACT Indonesia’s category of ‘national hero’ or pahlawan nasional has evolved since it first emerged with Indonesian independence. This title went from a popular term for veterans, to a designated national category, to a centrepiece of New Order civil religion. This article chronicles further changes in the post-Suharto era both by a quantitative analysis of the entire pantheon of 179 pahlawan and by the case study of the first national hero for West Nusa Tenggara Province: TGKH M… 

Strengthening National Character by Reconciliation the Testament: Local Literature in the Post-National Era

This study aims to find the value of nationality in Hamzanwadi's testament. Hamzanwadi is a local figure in Lombok with global outlook. Testament in the form of rhymes and poetry contain national

Critical Discourse of Discursive Pluralism and Inclusivism of Islamic Leadership in the Local-National Context

This study aims to find the value of pluralism and inclusivism in the discursive leadership of Islam. The data was collected through the recording of documents from the discursive leader of the


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Recollections of a lost kingdom: The varied interactions between history and memory in South Sulawesi, Indonesia

This paper looks at the ways in which the Bugis of South Sulawesi, Indonesia remember their distant past. The example of Allangkanangngé ri Latanété, a palace site of the legendary polity of Cina,

Torn between Muhammadiyah and Ahmadiyah in Indonesia

  • A. Burhani
  • History
    Indonesia and the Malay World
  • 2019
ABSTRACT The Ahmadiyah in Indonesian Islam has often been seen as a deviant Muslim group, but there was a time when it had a cordial relationship with major Muslim organisations, particularly

Herobot Learning Media for Grade IV Elementary School Students

One of the problems that occur in this nation is that the quality of education in education units is not yet optimal. The quality of learning and teaching from education is generally determined by

Hamzanwadi Dan Gerakan Kebangsaan Melalui Pendidikan Berbasis Lokal Bermatra Nasional

The purpose of this research is to find the thoughts, institutionalization, and agenda of the national movement carried out by Hamzanwadi in Lombok through education. This research uses the method of



the headhunter as hero: local traditions and their reinterpretation in national history

After independence, a search for national heroes in the Indonesian struggle against colonialism drew attention to Wona Kaka, a Sumbanese headhunter who raided Dutch forces in 1911. Praised by some as

‘“Whither Indonesian culture?”; Rethinking ‘culture’ in Indonesia in a time of decolonization

This chapter looks at the early discussions concerning culture and decolonization in Mimbar Indonesia (MI), a general weekly magazine published in Jakarta from 1947 to 1966. In its first issue,

Sisters, militias and Islam in conflict: questioning ‘reconciliation’ in Nahdlatul Wathan, Lombok, Indonesia

‘My children will separate for a fifth of a century’. So reads a line from one of Maulana Syeikh’s prophecies that he wrote as testimonial poetry in 1981. And it happened. In the aftermath of the

History in Uniform: Military Ideology and the Construction of Indonesia's Past

History in Uniform is the first detailed analysis of the Indonesian military's image-making efforts, and one of a very small group of studies to examine in detail a key institution within the

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Proponents and planners who continually use buzzwords such as 'globalization' and transition' frequently overlook the role of history, and particularly modern historical writings, in the creation and

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Winters examines the impact of oligarchic power on Indonesia’s political economy. Defining oligarchs materially, he argues that extreme inequality in wealth among citizens necessarily leads to

National Heroes and National Identities: Scotland, Norway and Lithuania

This book investigates the concept of the heroic, questions what it is that makes the national hero an indispensable appendage to any possible interpretation of national identity, and asks why

Rifle Reports: A Story of Indonesian Independence

List of Illustrations Acknowledgments Technical Notes Introduction: The Outskirts of the Nation 1. The Golden Bridge 2. Buried Guns 3. Imagining Independence 4. Eager Girls 5. Sea of Fire 6. Letting

Beginning to Remember : The Past in the Indonesian Present

As Indonesia emerges from authoritarian rule, public intellectuals have begun to question the way the country's past has been remembered, memorialized and inscribed.

Unpacking a National Heroine: Two Kartinis and Their People

On August 11, 1986, as Dr. Frederick George Peter Jaquet cycled from Den Haag to his office in Leiden, no one would have guessed that he was transporting an Indonesian national treasure. The wooden