Making Your School Nurse Philosophy Visible

  title={Making Your School Nurse Philosophy Visible},
  author={Pernilla Garmy},
  journal={SAGE Open Nursing},
As a school nurse, it can be challenging to make values and philosophy useful in the context of a busy and stressful workday. However, values and philosophy can help guide school nurses in their profession. This article proposes strategies for how school nurses can make their school nurse’s values and philosophy visible. The first step in formulating a school nurse philosophy is to identify overall values, such as how one views society and people’s equal values. A peer-mentoring group, such as… Expand
A Philosophical Review of School Nursing Framed by the Holistic Nursing Theory of Barbara Dossey
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School Nurses’ Experiences Working With Students With Mental Health Problems: A Qualitative Study
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The ICN code of ethics for nurses.
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All rights, including translation into other languages, reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced in print, by photostatic means or in any other manner, or stored in a retrieval system,Expand
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