Making Sport Great Again

  title={Making Sport Great Again},
  author={David Lawrence Andrews},
Decolonizing the Sneaker: Sneaker Customization and the Racial Politics of Expressive Popular Culture
Epitomized by the athletic sneaker industry's lucrative mining of Black bodies and Black culture, the colonization of the racial “Other” by the forces of Western consumer culture has become a
Social Justice Through Sport and Exercise Studies: A Manifesto
This manifesto reimagines social justice in physical cultural studies by renaming, broadening, and building new characterizations of the body, dis/ability, mental health, exercise, social oppression,
“Willpower knows no obstacles”: Examining Neoliberal Postfeminist Messaging in Nike’s Transnational Advertisements for Women
Nike, a US-headquartered transnational corporation lauded for its putatively empowering women-centered advertisements, frequently releases nationally/regionally focused advertisements depicting women
A tale of two Twitterstorms
All Power to Your Elbow? Injury in US Baseball and the Politics of ‘Tommy John Surgery’
  • S. Wagg
  • Medicine
    The Palgrave Handbook of Sport, Politics and Harm
  • 2021
Getting to the Uber-Sport Assemblage
  • D. L. Andrews
  • Education
    The Palgrave Handbook of Globalization and Sport
  • 2021
The Global Business of Sport in a Brave New World: Conceptualising a Framework for Alternative Futures
The opportunities and challenges for sport in the 21st century are considered, including its privileged position in society and a framework for conceptualising alternative futures in the global business of sport, drawing on examples from women's sport are considered.
Whither “the people?”
Commodifying Black Expressivity: Race and the Representational Politics of Streetball
The distinct style of basketball popularly termed “streetball” is inextricably linked to Black bodies, spaces, and forms of expression. Although streetball operates as a Black cultural repertoire c...