Making Sex: Body and Gender from the Greeks to Freud

  title={Making Sex: Body and Gender from the Greeks to Freud},
  author={Thomas Walter Laqueur},
This is a book about the making and unmaking of sex over the centuries. It tells the astonishing story of sex in the West from the ancients to the moderns in a precise account of developments in reproductive anatomy and physiology. We cannot fail to recognize the players in Thomas Laqueur's story--the human sexual organs and pleasures, food, blood, semen, egg, sperm--but we will be amazed at the plots into which they have been woven by scientists, political activists, literary figures, and… 
Gender in translation: how the English wrote their Juvenal, 1644-1815.
A generalized narrative of the history of the understandings of gender in relation to sex is suggested by bringing together developments in cultural sites as diverse as theater and political debate, novels and popular ballads, fashion and biographical compilations, and, again, in the cultural circulation of such gender-based narratives.
The Rise of Sex in the Eighteenth Century: Historical Context and Historiographical Implications
  • T. Laqueur
  • History
    Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society
  • 2012
This article rehearses the claim that, as a consequence of political, cultural, and epistemological changes, the sexes came in the eighteenth century to be ordered as two opposite sexes rather
Epistemic Gender , Sex Beyond the Flesh : Science , Medicine , and the Two-Sex Model in Modern America
In his acclaimed Making Sex (1990), Thomas Laqueur broaches the shifting conceptualization of sex in Western civilization from the one-sex model, in which men and women were thought to be two
The Tribadic Tradition: The Reception of an Ancient Discourse on Female Homosexuality
Near-continually from the 1 to the 19 centuries, the main word used for homosexual women was Greek: tribade. This word marked a discourse on female homosexuality with a defined set of tropes and
Liberal Exclusions and Sex between Men in the Modern Era: Speculations on a Framework
A comprehensive and well-researched overview of the current state of the history of sexuality draws attention to the many ways it has advanced and matured over the past decades, but in the process it highlights one central idea that is still regularly reproduced as it was first written a generation ago.
Divine Orgasm and Self-Blazoning: The Fragmented Body of the Female Medieval Visionary
Fragmentation, fetishization, and eroticization of body parts can be seen as part of an extended medieval cosmological system whereby human sexuality, as an integral part of humanity, lies at the
Sexing the Body: Representations of Sex Differences in Gray's Anatomy, 1858 to the Present
This article examines how the multiple-edition anatomy textbook, Gray's Anatomy, has portrayed the sexed body and male/female differences during the course of its publication, 1858 to the present, focusing on specific parts of the anatomy, namely the sex organs or `organs of generation', the pelvis, the skull and the brain.
“So Troubled with the Mother”: The Politics of Pregnancy in The Duchess of Malfi
As the focus on double bodies in The Comedy of Errors illustrates, early modern English culture seems to have had a physiological understanding of the ways in which authority operates. Analogies
Theologizing Gender in the Rothschild Canticles
he song of songs, arguably the most bodily and sexual book of the Old Testament, was especially useful to its medieval readers, not for a theology of sexuality or marriage as one might expect, but
The sites/citing of female sexuality: An Irigarayan reading of Sex positive
Abstract The article aims to examine the ways in which sexological discourse represents gendered hegemonic modes of sexuality. In order to do so, the article makes reference to one particular text –


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