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Making Noisy Quantum Channels Transparent

  title={Making Noisy Quantum Channels Transparent},
  author={Rajeev Gangwar and Mohit Lal Bera and G. P. Teja and Sandeep K. Goyal and Manabendra Nath Bera},
One of the major obstacles faced by quantum-enabled technology is the environmental noise that causes decoherence in the quantum system, thereby destroying much of its quantum aspects and introduces errors while the system undergoes quantum operations and processing. A number of techniques have been invented to mitigate the environmental effects; however, much of these techniques are specific to the environment and the quantum tasks at hand, limiting their applicability. Here we propose a… 

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Error mitigation extends the computational reach of a noisy quantum processor

This work applies the error mitigation protocol to mitigate errors in canonical single- and two-qubit experiments and extends its application to the variational optimization of Hamiltonians for quantum chemistry and magnetism.

A quantum gate between a flying optical photon and a single trapped atom

The development of a robust two-qubit gate that allows the linking of distant computational nodes is “a pressing challenge” and here it is demonstrated between the spin state of a single trapped atom and the polarization state of an optical photon contained in a faint laser pulse.

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Quantum mechanics is compatible with scenarios where the relative order between two events can be indefinite. Here we show that two independent instances of a noisy process can behave as a perfect

Quantum error correction for quantum memories

It may seem inevitable that highly entangled quantum states are susceptible to disturbance through interaction with a decohering environment. However, certain multiqubit entangled states are well

Noise-resilient quantum evolution steered by dynamical decoupling

This work designs and implements a self-protected controlled-NOT gate on the electron spin of a nitrogen-vacancy centre and a nearby carbon-13 nuclear spin in diamond at room temperature by employing an engineered dynamical decoupling control on the electrons.

Enhanced Communication with the Assistance of Indefinite Causal Order.

This Letter shows that two identical copies of a completely depolarizing channel become able to transmit information when they are combined in a quantum superposition of two alternative orders, counter to the intuition that if two communication channels are identical, using them in different orders should not make any difference.

Error Mitigation for Short-Depth Quantum Circuits.

Two schemes are presented that mitigate the effect of errors and decoherence in short-depth quantum circuits by resampling randomized circuits according to a quasiprobability distribution.

A photon–photon quantum gate based on a single atom in an optical resonator

Strong light–matter coupling provided by a single atom in a high-finesse optical resonator is used to realize the Duan–Kimble protocol of a universal controlled phase flip (π phase shift) photon–photon quantum gate, which has the capability of conditional polarization flipping as well as entanglement generation between independent input photons.

Error-Mitigated Digital Quantum Simulation.

A stabilizerlike method is proposed which enables the detection of up to 60%-80% of depolarizing errors and can significantly benefit calculations subject to both stochastic and correlated noise, especially when combined with existing error mitigation techniques.


  • R. TomásG. Yocky
  • Physics, Computer Science
    Principles of Quantum Computation and Information
  • 2018
It is investigated here how the standard cryptographic assumption of shielded laboratory, stating that data generated by a secure quantum device remain private unless explicitly published, is disturbed by the einselection mechanism of quantum Darwinism explaining the measurement process by interaction with the external environment.