Making New Tools From the Toolbox of Metaphysics

  title={Making New Tools From the Toolbox of Metaphysics},
  author={Raoni Wohnrath Arroyo},
  • R. Arroyo
  • Published 18 September 2021
  • Philosophy
  • Erkenntnis
In this review, I specify the metametaphysical background in which Alastair Wilson’s “The Nature of Contingency” (Oxford University Press, 2020) should be properly understood. Metaphysics, as a philosophical discipline, is standing on thin ice. The caricature of the situation is polarized, and is often presented as follows: metaphysics is either entirely extracted from science or it is entirely independent of science. There is a recent trend that focuses on the middle ground between these… 

Whence Deep Realism for Everettian Quantum Mechanics?

‘Shallow’ and ‘deep’ versions of scientific realism may be distinguished as follows: the shallow realist is satisfied with belief in the existence of the posits of our best scientific theories; by



The Nature of Contingency: Quantum Physics as Modal Realism

In this review, I specify the metametaphysical background in which Alastair Wilson’s “ The Nature of Contingency ” (Oxford University Press, 2020) should be properly understood. Metaphysics, as a

The Nature of Contingency

Contingency is everywhere, but what is it? This book defends a radical new theory of contingency as a physical phenomenon. Drawing on the many-worlds approach to quantum theory and on cutting-edge

Rethinking Outside the Toolbox: Reflecting Again on the Relationship between Philosophy of Science and Metaphysics.

In a recent work, ‘Thinking Outside the Toolbox’, we mounted a qualified defence of analytic metaphysics in the face of ardent criticism . While sympathizing with other philosophers of science in

Right out of the box: how to situate metaphysics of science in relation to other metaphysical approaches

It is shown that the current metaphysical battlefield is richer and more complex than a simple dichotomy between “metaphysics of science” and “traditional metaphysics”, and that it should instead be understood as a three dimensional “box”.

Floating free from physics: the metaphysics of quantum mechanics

We discuss some methodological aspects of the relation between physics and metaphysics by dealing specifically with the case of non-relativistic quantum mechanics. Our main claim is that current

A Metaphysics for Scientific Realism: Frontmatter

ion and idealization will prove an important tool in the discussion to follow concerning the import of the semantic view for realism. Let us consider this distinction in more detail now. Abstraction

Between Physics and Metaphysics: A Discussion of the Status of Mind in Quantum Mechanics

We discuss the ‘Consciousness Causes Collapse Hypothesis’ (CCCH), the interpretation of quantum mechanics according to which consciousness solves the measurement problem. At first, it seems that the

Keep the chickens cooped: the epistemic inadequacy of free range metaphysics

Since free range metaphysics yields clarity-conducive techniques, incubates science, and produces conceptual and formal tools useful for scientifically engaged philosophy, it is recommended that it not be taken to have fully satisfactory epistemic credentials over and above its pragmatic ones.

Moderately naturalistic metaphysics

It is argued that such a sophisticated form of naturalism, which preserves the autonomy of metaphysics as an a priori enterprise yet pays due attention to the indications coming from the authors' best science, is not only workable but recommended.

The Relative Facts Interpretation and Everett's Note Added in Proof