Making Himself at Home: Cormier, Trudeau, and the Architecture of Domestic Masculinity

  title={Making Himself at Home: Cormier, Trudeau, and the Architecture of Domestic Masculinity},
  author={Annmarie Adams and Cameron Macdonell},
  journal={Winterthur Portfolio},
  pages={151 - 189}
Montreal architect Ernest Cormier designed and occupied the art deco house at 1418 Pine Avenue starting in 1930–31 to accommodate his unusual living arrangement with Clorinthe Perron. Pierre Elliott Trudeau, fifteenth prime minister of Canada, purchased the house in 1979 to suit his different and yet equally atypical masculinity as retired head of state and single father. The house’s unique spatial program and its artifacts comprise an architecture of domestic masculinity reflecting Cormier’s… 



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