Making 'sense' of metabolism: autoinducer-2, LUXS and pathogenic bacteria

  title={Making 'sense' of metabolism: autoinducer-2, LUXS and pathogenic bacteria},
  author={Agn{\`e}s Vendeville and K. -J. Winzer and Karin Heurlier and Christoph M Tang and Kim Rachael Hardie},
  journal={Nature Reviews Microbiology},
Bacteria exploit many mechanisms to communicate with each other and their surroundings. Mechanisms using small diffusible signals to coordinate behaviour with cell density (quorum sensing) frequently contribute to pathogenicity. However, pathogens must also be able to acquire nutrients and replicate to successfully invade their host. One quorum-sensing system, based on the possession of LuxS, bears the unique feature of contributing directly to metabolism, and therefore has the potential to… CONTINUE READING
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