Making "bad trips" good: How users of psychedelics narratively transform challenging trips into valuable experiences.

  title={Making "bad trips" good: How users of psychedelics narratively transform challenging trips into valuable experiences.},
  author={Liridona Gashi and Sveinung Sandberg and Willy Pedersen},
  journal={The International journal on drug policy},
Narratives of the mystical among users of psychedelics
We are now witnessing a radical revival in clinical research on the use of psychedelics (e.g. LSD and psilocybin), where ‘mystical’ experiences are at the centre. Drawing on in-depth interviews with
Folktales of Recovery - From Addiction to Becoming a Helper: Deep Structures of Life Stories Applying Propp's Theory: A Narrative Analysis.
Applying Propp's narratemes to analyze recovery stories is a new development that seems applicable according to the results, as it is consistent with fairytale therapy within addiction treatment, which helps the lost wanderer to create structure in their life.
How Level Is the ‘Cognitive Playing Field’? Context Shapes Alterations in Self-Conception During the Psychedelic Experience
 ( Abstract In Philosophy of Psychedelics , Letheby provides a convincing basis for the idea that psychedelics primarily derive their therapeutic potential through
Adverse effects of psychedelics: From anecdotes and misinformation to systematic science
The review shows that medical risks are often minimal, and that many – albeit not all – of the persistent negative perceptions of psychological risks are unsupported by the currently available scientific evidence, with the majority of reported adverse effects not being observed in a regulated and/or medical context.
Adverse experiences resulting in emergency medical treatment seeking following the use of magic mushrooms.
The results confirm psilocybin mushrooms are a relatively safe drug, with serious incidents rare and short lasting, and providing harm-reduction information likely plays a key role in preventing adverse effects.
Revista ConCiencia EPG–Edición Especial Marzo 2022 ISSN digital: 2517-9896
he “Reading the Mind in the Eyes test” (RMET), also known as “The Eyes test”, is one of the most widely used tests to study Theory of Mind (ToM) and has been translated to several languages around
Strategies for Fostering a Genuine Feeling of Connection in Technologically Mediated Systems
Human connection is essential for our personal well-being and a building block for a well-functioning society. There is a prominent interest in the potential of technology for mediating social


Narrative Psychology, Trauma and the Study of Self/Identity
This paper aims to provide an overview of a narrative psychological approach towards the study of self and identity. The narrative psychological approach can be classified as broadly social
A narrative approach to studying symbolic boundaries among drug users: A qualitative meta-synthesis
The narrative study of identity promotes the idea that people develop social identities by telling stories about themselves and others. Through these stories, people associate with desired groups and
Socio-Cultural and Psychological Aspects of Contemporary LSD use in Germany
The current study uses a qualitative methodology to investigate socio-cultural and psychological aspects involved in the use of LSD and comparable psychedelic substances. To date, 26 narrative
Letting Stories Breathe: A Socio-Narratology
Stories accompany us through life from birth to death. But they do not merely entertain, inform, or distress us - they show us what counts as right or wrong and teach us who we are and who we can
The Politics of Storytelling: Variations on a Theme by Hannah Arendt
Hannah Arendt famously argued that politics are best understood as a power relationship between private and public realms. And storytelling, she argued, creates a vital bridge between these realms, a
“We Weren't Like No Regular Dope Fiends”: Negotiating Hustler and Crackhead Identities1
We investigate how participants in the street economy of crack cocaine construct a "hustler" identity by contrasting their social behaviors and styles with a dialectically contrastive crackhead
“It's the most fun you can have for twenty quid”: Motivations, Consequences and Meanings of British Ketamine Use
Whilst ketamine use in clubbing contexts has recently been the focus of British media attention, little quantitative or qualitative data is available on its use amongst those young people
Voice of the Psychonauts: Coping, Life Purpose, and Spirituality in Psychedelic Drug Users
Albeit the meaning of “spirituality” may be ambiguous, it seems that a spiritually-inclined attitude in drug use may act as a protective factor against drug-related problems, and correlates positively with coping and spirituality.