Majority-Logic NE-110 Detector for keV Neutrons

  title={Majority-Logic NE-110 Detector for keV Neutrons},
  author={Nathanial W. Hill and John A. Harvey and Daniel Joseph Horen and GeoE. Morgan and Ronald Ross Winters},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science},
An NE-l10 proton-recoil scintillation counter whose efficiency is reproducible and stable has been developed for neutrons in the energy range from 5 keV to 1 MeV. Majority-of-two logic at below the single photoelectron level is used between two or more phototubes viewing the same scintillator. Pulse height distributions as a function of neutron energy have been measured between 5 and 350 keV with two different detector configurations: a thin square slab of NE-110 and a cylinder of NE-l10. The… CONTINUE READING