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Majorana-like oscillation for edge states in one-dimensional topological chain with dissipative couplings

  title={Majorana-like oscillation for edge states in one-dimensional topological chain with dissipative couplings},
  author={Yang Zhang and Wei Nie and Yu-xi Liu},
  • Yang Zhang, W. Nie, Yu-xi Liu
  • Published 10 September 2021
  • Physics
The oscillation of Majorana modes with near zero energy plays a very important role for ascertaining Majorana fermions. The edge states, which also have almost-zero-energy in onedimensional Su-Schrieffer-Heeger chain (SSHc), have been extensively studied for their topologically protected properties when the on-sites have dissipations induced by independent environments. We here show that common environments shared by each pair of the nearest neighbour sites in the SSHc can result in dissipative… Expand

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