Major Metabolic Diseases Affecting Cows in Transition Period

  title={Major Metabolic Diseases Affecting Cows in Transition Period},
  author={Le{\'i}lson Rocha Bezerra and Cezario Batista de Oliveira Neto and Marcos J{\'a}come de Ara{\'u}jo and Ricardo Loiola Edvan and Wagner Dias Coelho de Oliveira and Fabr{\'i}cio Brand{\~a}o Pereira},
The aim of this study was to perform a literary review on the main metabolic diseases affecting cows during the transition period. The heat increment promoted by higher energy demand that occurs during the transition period between the end of lactation and early management, combined with low dry matter intake due to fetal growth major and consequent reduced ability of the rumen, make the dairy cow highly susceptible to the metabolic diseases ketosis, milk fever and hepatic lipidosis. The… CONTINUE READING

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