Maize silage for dairy cows


This paper reviews the use of maize silage in pastoral dairying systems in New Zealand. The evolution of dairying systems to make profitable use of maize silage and other supplementary feeds has occurred during the last decade in conjunction with an increased use of maize silage. When used within recommended levels of feeding, maize silage provides a low cost source of starch and fibre which complements pasture well for much of the year. Balancing dietary deficiencies in protein, minerals, and in some cases fibre, will optimise milksolids production at high levels of maize silage supplementation. Targets for good quality maize silage include a dry matter content of 28–35%, an energy content of 10.8 MJME/ kgDM, a protein content of 7–8%, and a pH of 3.8 to 4.5. Opportunities for further productivity gains exist through further intensification of dairying systems using high-yielding crops.

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