Maintenance of Pre-large FUSP Trees in Dynamic Databases


In the past, pre-large fast-updated sequential pattern trees (pre-large FUSP tree) were proposed for efficiently mining large sequences for record insertion and deletion, respectively. In this paper, we thus proposed a maintenance approach for efficiently maintaining pre-large FUSP trees and effectively deriving desired large sequences when data in databases are modified. Experimental results also show that the proposed algorithm has a better performance in execution time.

DOI: 10.1109/IBICA.2011.54

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@article{Lin2011MaintenanceOP, title={Maintenance of Pre-large FUSP Trees in Dynamic Databases}, author={Chun-Wei Lin and Tzung-Pei Hong and Hong-Yu Lee and Shyue-Liang Wang}, journal={2011 Second International Conference on Innovations in Bio-inspired Computing and Applications}, year={2011}, pages={199-202} }