Maintenance of Building Components Supported on Virtual Reality Technology


The text presents the description of a research work that has as its main objective the development of a technological tool to support the maintenance activity of buildings, with resort to new information and visualization technologies. There were analyzed three main components of the building: roofs, facades and interior walls. A survey of the main anomalies that occur in these components, the respective causes and the adequate interventions, in order to plan maintenance strategies was conducted. The information collected serves as a basis in the implementation of applications using interactive visualization technologies, to support the planning of building maintenance. During this work the basic knowledge related to the materials, the techniques of rehabilitation and conservation and the planning of maintenance is outlined and discussed in addition, methods of interconnecting this knowledge with the virtual applications were explored. This research work brings an innovative contribution to the field of maintenance supported by emergent technology. Keywords— Construction, Maintenance, Inspections, Interaction, Virtual Reality

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