Maintaining the genetic health of putative Barbary lions in captivity: an analysis of Moroccan Royal Lions

  title={Maintaining the genetic health of putative Barbary lions in captivity: an analysis of Moroccan Royal Lions},
  author={S. Black and N. Yamaguchi and A. Harland and J. Groombridge},
  journal={European Journal of Wildlife Research},
The last representatives of the Barbary lion (Panthera leo leo), once numerous in North Africa but exterminated from the wild by the 1940s, are believed to be the captive lions descended from the Moroccan Royal Collection, numbering less than 90 animals in zoos worldwide. The genetic fitness of these captive “Royal Lions” may now be under threat since, although most zoos have avoided hybridisation with animals of other origin, no formal breeding programme currently exists and several… Expand
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