Main-sequence variable stars in young open cluster NGC 1893

  title={Main-sequence variable stars in young open cluster NGC 1893},
  author={Sneh Lata and Ram Kesh Yadav and Anil Kumar Pandey and Andrea Richichi and Chakali Eswaraiah and Brajesh Kumar and Norbert Kappelmann and Saurabh Sharma},
In this paper we present time series photometry of 104 variable stars in the cluster region NGC 1893. The association of the present variable candidates to the cluster NGC 1893 has been determined by using (U −B)/(B−V ) and (J −H)/(H−K) two colour diagrams, and V/(V − I) colour magnitude diagram. Forty five stars are found to be main-sequence variables and these could be B-type variable stars associated with the cluster. We classified these objects as β Cep, slowly pulsating B stars and new… 

Photometric observations of NGC 281: detection of 228 variable stars

We identify 228 periodic variables in the region of young open cluster NGC 281 using time series photometry carried out from 1 m class ARIES telescopes, Nainital. The cluster membership of these

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This work presents the first long-term photometric variability survey of the intermediate-age open cluster NGC 559. Time-series V band photometric observations on 40 nights taken over more than three

NGC 1893: a young open cluster rich in multitype variable stars

In this work, we have studied the variable stars in the young open cluster NGC 1893 based on a multi-year photometric survey covering a sky area around the cluster up to $31' \times 31'$ wide. More

Dynamical properties and search of variable stars: NGC 1960

The total-to-selective extinction RV in the direction of a cluster is found to be 3.12 +/- 0.2 (close to its normal value). We derive the luminosity and mass functions for the cluster main sequence

Variable stars in the Sh 2-170 H ii region

We present multi-epoch deep (∼20 mag) Ic-band photometric monitoring of the Sh 2-170 star-forming region to understand the variability properties of pre-main-sequence (PMS) stars. We report

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We present time-series photometry in the field of Stock 8 and identified 130 short-period variable stars. Twenty-eight main-sequence and 23 pre-main-sequence variables are found to be part of cluster

Pulsation among TESS A and B stars and the Maia variables

Classification of over 50 000 TESS stars in sectors 1–18 has resulted in the detection of 766 pulsating main-sequence B stars as well as over 5000 δ Scuti, 2300 γ Doradus, and 114 roAp candidates.

Variable stars in M37

The CCD photometric observations of open star cluster M37 (NGC 2099) were carried out up to a limiting magnitude of V ∼ 20 in both B and V filters to search for variable stars using a 2k × 4k CCD and




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