Mail Fantasy: Global Sexual Exploitation in the Mail-Order Bride Industry and Proposed Legal Solutions

  title={Mail Fantasy: Global Sexual Exploitation in the Mail-Order Bride Industry and Proposed Legal Solutions},
  author={Donna R. Lee},
  journal={Asian American Law Journal},
  • Donna R. Lee
  • Published 31 December 1998
  • History
  • Asian American Law Journal
Ms. Lee asserts that the trade in Asian mail-order brides is premised on the male consumer's racialized expectations of sexual and domestic labor services to be provided within the privacy of the home. The mail-order bride industry rests on the same foundation as the more visible trade in military prostitution and sex tourism-exploitation of the economic desperation of women in many Asian countries. Ms. Lee argues that an artificial shroud of legitimacy associated with marriage masks the… 

Global Love for Sale: Divergence and Convergence of Human Trafficking with “Mail Order Brides” and International Arranged Marriage Phenomena

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When South Meets North: Interrogating Agency and Marital Mobility in Kerala-Haryana Marriages

  • Paro Mishra
  • Sociology, Biology
    India Studies in Business and Economics
  • 2021
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The most recent international legal definition of „trafficking in humans‟ is provided within Article 3 of the United Nations Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking in Persons,