Magnification-enhanced contemporary dentistry: Getting started

  title={Magnification-enhanced contemporary dentistry: Getting started},
  author={Rashmi Hegde and Vivek S Hegde},
  journal={Journal of Interdisciplinary Dentistry},
  pages={91 - 100}
Contemporary dental practice is undergoing a sea change; wherein the approach is an interdisciplinary one aimed to impart minimally invasive, painless, and atraumatic treatments to patients. To enhance their vision for both clinical and laboratory procedures, an increasing number of practitioners are opting for magnification systems such as loupes and microscopes in their practice. Due to their benefits such as improved visual acuity due to coaxial lighting, unobstructed vision, illumination… 

Magnification in contemporary dental practice : The case of Kazakhstan

The adoption rate, preferences, and attitudes towards magnification devices among interns, residents, and dental practitioners in Kazakhstan are identified and most respondents believed that using dental magnification is beneficial and should be studied in dental school.

Evolution of Magnifications in Endodontics: A Review

Magnification technique is undergoing continuous advancements, allowing a better precision and quality standard, and Microdentistry with its expanding possibility and increased clinical implication has now set a higher standard in patient care and in success rate of treatment procedures.


The quantity of cut tissues it more than the preestablished parameters which may affect the quality of the adhesive bond and it is controversy with the minimally invasive approach.

Minimally Invasive Surgery Periodontal Therapy for the Treatment of Intrabony Periodontal Defects: A Systematic Review

There is currently an absence of adequate evidence to substantiate the beneficial effect of minimally invasive periodontal surgical approach compared to a conventional access flap surgery for the treatment of intrabonyperiodontal defects.

Visual Enhancement and Experiences with Magnification Devices among the undergraduate dental students and Interns around Makkah region– A Questionnaire based study

Most of the dental students and interns were aware of magnification devices used in dentistry and only a few of them attended courses on the use of magnification Devices and majority of them believed that the surgical loupes will be useful for endodontic and prosthodontic procedures.

Dentin Exposure after Tooth Preparation for Laminate Veneers: A Microscopical Analysis to Evaluate the Influence of Operators’ Expertise

There was no difference in detection of exposed dentin among operators with different expertise for BJ preparation, whereas differences were found between the general practitioner and the other 2 operators in WI.

Attitude, knowledge and overall perception towards working under magnification among undergraduate and postgraduate students of a dental institution in Andhra Pradesh– A questionnaire based study

Introduction: Dentistry often referred to an art is that profession that requires mastery and techniques along with profound scientific knowledge. It has taken its place from macro dentistry to micro

Comprehensive review of surgical microscopes: technology development and medical applications

Surgical microscopy has been significantly advanced in the technical aspects of high-end optics, bright and shadow-free illumination, stable and flexible mechanical design, and versatile visualization, which will enable surgeons to perform challenging procedures and improve surgical outcomes.

Evaluation of the impact of optical magnification on the precision of tooth preparation for laminate veneers

  • Medicine
  • 2019
Evaluating the impact of optical magnification on the precision of tooth preparation under simulated clinical conditions in digital manner shows statistical difference in precision between naked eye and optical magnification.


Practice manual for microvascular surgery

This practice manual for microvascular surgery will really give you the good idea to be successful.