Magnetostriction of (Fe-Co)3 Tb Compounds and Amorphous Fe3 Tb Alloys

  title={Magnetostriction of (Fe-Co)3 Tb Compounds and Amorphous Fe3 Tb Alloys},
  author={S. Ishio and K. Sato and Takeshi Miyazaki},
  journal={IEEE Translation Journal on Magnetics in Japan},
The magnetostriction of (Fe<inf>1-x</inf> Co<inf>x</inf>) Tb (0¿×¿1.0) compounds and amorphous Fe<inf>3</inf>Tb alloys were measured at room temperature and at 77K. The value of ¿<inf>¿</inf>-¿<inf>¿</inf> at 77K and 20 kOe of (Fe<inf>1-x</inf>Co<inf>x</inf>)<inf>3</inf>Tb compounds increases drastically from 1500×10<sup>¿6</sup> to 3000×10<sup>¿6</sup> as x is increased from 0 to 1.0. The value of ¿<inf>¿</inf>-¿<inf>¿</inf> for amorphous Fe<inf>3</inf>Tb is about 30 to 40% smaller than the… CONTINUE READING


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