Magnetoresistivity of (Ce1-xGdx)Pt2Si2

  title={Magnetoresistivity of (Ce1-xGdx)Pt2Si2},
  author={Moise Bertin Tchoula Tchokont{\'e} and Paul du Plessis and Andr{\'e} M. Strydom},
Results of magnetoresistivity (MR) measurements on selected members of the (Ce 1-x Gd x )Pt 2 Si 2 system down to low temperatures in fields up to 8 T are presented. The MR is negative and is related to the temperature-dependent susceptibility. Single-ion Kondo-like behaviour is observed at higher temperatures. At lower temperature (T≤13 K) an inflection point develops in the MR curves with a tendency to saturation towards high fields. The results are interpreted in terms of the Friedel-de… CONTINUE READING