Magnetoreception in birds: the effect of radio-frequency fields.

  title={Magnetoreception in birds: the effect of radio-frequency fields.},
  author={Roswitha Wiltschko and Peter Thalau and Dennis Gehring and Christine Nie\ssner and Thorsten Ritz and Wolfgang Wiltschko},
  journal={Journal of the Royal Society, Interface},
  volume={12 103}
The avian magnetic compass, probably based on radical pair processes, works only in a narrow functional window around the local field strength, with cryptochrome 1a as most likely receptor molecule. Radio-frequency fields in the MHz range have been shown to disrupt the birds' orientation, yet the nature of this interference is still unclear. In an immuno-histological study, we tested whether the radio-frequency fields interfere with the photoreduction of cryptochrome, but this does not seem to… CONTINUE READING