Magnetoelectric control of superparamagnetism.

  title={Magnetoelectric control of superparamagnetism.},
  author={H. D. Kim and Laura T Schelhas and Scott Keller and J. Hockel and Sarah H Tolbert and Gregory P. Carman},
  journal={Nano letters},
  volume={13 3},
Here we demonstrate electric-field induced magnetic anisotropy in a multiferroic composite containing nickel nanocrystals strain coupled to a piezoelectric substrate. This system can be switched between a superparamagnetic state and a single-domain ferromagnetic state at room temperature. The nanocrystals show a shift in the blocking temperature of 40 K upon electric poling. We believe this is the first example of a system where an electric field can be used to switch on and off a permanent… CONTINUE READING


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