Magneto-optical properties in IV-VI lead-salt semimagnetic nanocrystals


: We present a systematic study of lead-salt nanocrystals (NCs) doped with Mn. We have developed a theoretical simulation of electronic and magneto-optical properties by using a multi-band calculation including intrinsic anisotropies and magnetic field effects in the diluted magnetic semiconductor regime. Theoretical findings regarding both broken symmetry… (More)
DOI: 10.1186/1556-276X-7-374


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@inproceedings{Prado2012MagnetoopticalPI, title={Magneto-optical properties in IV-VI lead-salt semimagnetic nanocrystals}, author={Silvio J Prado and Leonardo Villegas-Lelovsky and A. M. Alcalde and Victor Lopez-Richard and G. E. Marques}, booktitle={Nanoscale research letters}, year={2012} }