Magneto-Seebeck microscopy of domain switching in collinear antiferromagnet CuMnAs

  title={Magneto-Seebeck microscopy of domain switching in collinear antiferromagnet CuMnAs},
  author={T. Janda and J. Godinho and T. Ostatnick{\'y} and E. Pfitzner and G. Ulrich and A. Hoehl and S. Reimers and Z. Soban and T. Metzger and H. Reichlov{\'a} and V. Nov'ak and R. Campion and J. Heberle and P. Wadley and K. Edmonds and O. Amin and J. Chauhan and S. Dhesi and F. Maccherozzi and R. Otxoa and P. Roy and K. Olejn{\'i}k and P. Nvemec and T. Jungwirth and B. Kaestner and J. Wunderlich},
  journal={arXiv: Applied Physics},
Antiferromagnets offer spintronic device characteristics unparalleled in ferromagnets owing to their lack of stray fields, THz spin dynamics, and rich materials landscape. Microscopic imaging of aniferromagnetic domains is one of the key prerequisites for understading physical principles of the device operation. However, adapting common magnetometry techniques to the dipolar-field-free antiferromagnets has been a major challenge. Here we demonstrate in a collinear antiferromagnet a… Expand
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