Magneto-Optical Signature of Massless Kane Electrons in Cd_{3}As_{2}.

  title={Magneto-Optical Signature of Massless Kane Electrons in Cd\_\{3\}As\_\{2\}.},
  author={Ana Akrap and Michael Hakl and Serguei Tchoumakov and Iris Crassee and Jaroslav Kuba and Mark Oliver Goerbig and Christopher C. Homes and Ondřej Caha and Jiř{\'i} Nov{\'a}k and Fr{\'e}d{\'e}ric Teppe and Wilfried Desrat and S. M. Koohpayeh and L. Wu and N. P. Armitage and Alexander Nateprov and E. K. Arushanov and Quinn D. Gibson and Robert J. Cava and Dirk van der Marel and B. A. Piot and Cl{\'e}ment Faugeras and Gerardo Mart{\'i}nez and Marek Potemski and Milan Orlita},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={117 13},
We report on optical reflectivity experiments performed on Cd_{3}As_{2} over a broad range of photon energies and magnetic fields. The observed response clearly indicates the presence of 3D massless charge carriers. The specific cyclotron resonance absorption in the quantum limit implies that we are probing massless Kane electrons rather than symmetry-protected 3D Dirac particles. The latter may appear at a smaller energy scale and are not directly observed in our infrared experiments. 
Cyclotron resonance of Kane electrons observed in Cd3As2
  • M. Hakl, S. Tchoumakov, +13 authors M. Orlita
  • Physics
  • 2017 42nd International Conference on Infrared, Millimeter, and Terahertz Waves (IRMMW-THz)
  • 2017
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