Magneto-Optical Imbert–Fedorov Effect in Prism Coupling Configuration


We study the Imbert–Fedorov (IF) effect in prism coupling configuration with magneto-optical (MO) material, which is called MOIF effect. An effective refractive index method MO waveguide is obtained based on the solution of Maxwell's equations. The expressions for IF and MOIF shifts are also derived. As left-handed circularly polarized (LHCP… (More)


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@article{Tang2017MagnetoOpticalIE, title={Magneto-Optical Imbert–Fedorov Effect in Prism Coupling Configuration}, author={Tingting Tang and Lei Bi and Li Luo and Jie Li and Yanfen Zhang and Ping Sun}, journal={IEEE Photonics Journal}, year={2017}, volume={9}, pages={1-7} }