Magnetization under High Pressure in MnSi

  title={Magnetization under High Pressure in MnSi},
  author={Christophe Thessieu and Kenji Kamishima and Tsuneaki Goto},
The magnetization M(H) has been measured in the weakly helimagnetic itinerant compound MnSi under high pressure up to 10.2 kbar and high magnetic field up to 9 Tesla. We interpret the simultaneous decrease under pressure of the saturated magnetization, ps, and the Curie temperature, Tc in the frame of the self-consistent renormalization theory (SCR) of spin fluctuations. From the analysis of the so-called Arrot-plot (H/p[H,T ] versus p2[H,T ]) and the respective volume dependence of ps and Tc… CONTINUE READING