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Magnetization reversal of a ferromagnetic Pt/Co/Pt film by helicity dependent absorption of visible to near-infrared laser pulses

  title={Magnetization reversal of a ferromagnetic Pt/Co/Pt film by helicity dependent absorption of visible to near-infrared laser pulses},
  author={Kihiro T. Yamada and C. S. Davies and Fuyuki Ando and Tian Li and Teruo Ono and Th. Rasing and Alexey V. Kimel and Andrei Kirilyuk},
The practical difficulty in distinguishing the impact of magnetic circular dichroism and the inverse Faraday effect fuels intense debates over which mechanism predominantly drives the process of helicity dependent all-optical switching of magnetization in ferromagnets. Here, we quantitatively measure the efficiency of the switching process in a Pt/Co/Pt multilayered stack using visibleto near-infrared optical pulses. We find that the switching efficiency increases by a factor of 8.6 upon… 

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