Magnetization and transport properties of α-CeNi0.78Co0.22Sb3

  title={Magnetization and transport properties of $\alpha$-CeNi0.78Co0.22Sb3},
  author={D. Gautreaux and M. Parent and M. Moldovan and D. Young and J. Chan},
  journal={Physica B-condensed Matter},
Abstract Single crystals of α-CeNi x Co 1− x Sb 3 ( x ∼0.8) were synthesized and crystallize in the orthorhombic space group Pbcm with unit cell parameters of a =12.6480(2) A, b =6.2060(4) A, and c =18.3860(8) A. Ferromagnetic ordering at 4.6 K with μ eff =2.43μ B /(Ce atom) is seen. The resistivity data indicate Kondo-like behavior similar to that of pure α-CeNiSb 3 . 
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