Magnetised winds in transition discs. I. 2.5D global simulations

  title={Magnetised winds in transition discs. I. 2.5D global simulations},
  author={'Etienne Martel and Geoffroy R. J. Lesur},
  journal={Astronomy \& Astrophysics},
Context. Protoplanetary discs are cold, dense and weakly ionised environments that witness the planetary formation. Among these discs, transition discs (TDs) are characterised by a wide cavity (up to tens of a.u.) in the dust and gas distribution. Despite this lack of material, a considerable fraction of TDs are still strongly accreting onto their central star, possibly indicating that a mechanism is driving fast accretion in TD cavities. Aims. The presence of radially extended ‘dead zones’ in… 



ξFUV accounts for the far-UV photon contribution that we modelled following Perez-Becker & Chiang (2011) as ξFUV

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