Magnetic topological insulators at finite temperature.

  title={Magnetic topological insulators at finite temperature.},
  author={Y. S. Zhu and Jing Jing He and C-L Zang and Ying Liang and S-P Kou},
  journal={Journal of physics. Condensed matter : an Institute of Physics journal},
  volume={26 17},
In this paper, we study the two-dimensional magnetic topological insulators from the correlated Chern insulator and the correlated Z2 topological insulator at finite temperature. For the 2D correlated Chern insulator, we find that the thermal-fluctuation-induced magnetic topological insulator (MTI) appears in the intermediate interaction region of the correlated Chern insulator. On the contrary, for the correlated Z2 topological insulator, thermal-fluctuation-induced MTI does not exist. Finally… CONTINUE READING