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Magnetic tape storage and handling : a guide for libraries and archives

  title={Magnetic tape storage and handling : a guide for libraries and archives},
  author={John W. C. Van Bogart and Access},

Recovery and Calibration of Legacy Underground Nuclear Test Seismic Data from the Leo Brady Seismic Network

The Leo Brady Seismic Network (LBSN, originally the Sandia Seismic Network) was established in 1960 by Sandia National Laboratories to monitor underground nuclear tests (UGTs) at the Nevada

Le corpus des manuscrits et des chartes en écritures wisigothique et caroline en Espagne

La Paléographie est une discipline essentiellement visuelle. L’histoire des écritures ne peut pas se comprendre sans montrer de bons exemples graphiques de leurs caractéristiques et évolution. D’où

Alignment and Timeline Construction for Incomplete Analogue Audience Recordings of Historical Live Music Concerts

This paper proposes a method to align multiple digitised analogue recordings of same concerts of varying quality and song segmentations, and evaluates alignment methods on a synthetic dataset and applies the algorithm to real-world data.

Review of early storage media degradation factors, preservation techniques and trends in Ethiopia

It has been observed that even though there are some institutions in Ethiopia that have understood the problem of degradation and have taken actions to decrease its effect, some institutions have not taken proper analog and digital preservation actions and significant portions of their archives are expected to be degraded.

Chemistry for Audio Heritage Preservation: A Review of Analytical Techniques for Audio Magnetic Tapes

Vast and important cultural resources are entrusted to magnetic tape around the world, but they are susceptible to degradation, which may lead to severe replay problems. Audio magnetic tapes are

Analog Video in Moving Image Archives & Conservation: Infrastructures of Knowledge from Production to Preservation

  • Lauren Sorensen
  • Art
    KULA: Knowledge Creation, Dissemination, and Preservation Studies
  • 2018
It is argued that the audiovisual archival community should view preservation as a set of linked systems that function within a web of shifting perspectives and context-driven solutions.

Phase-Change Magnetic Memory: Rewritable Ferromagnetism by Laser Quenching of Chemical Disorder in Fe60Al40 Alloy

High-intensity laser irradiation can effectively couple to practically all kinds of materials, causing modification of their physical properties due to laser-induced phase transformations. This gives