Magnetic states at the oxygen surfaces of ZnO and Co-doped ZnO.

  title={Magnetic states at the oxygen surfaces of ZnO and Co-doped ZnO.},
  author={Nadiezhda Sanchez and Silvia Gallego and M. Carmen Mu{\~n}oz},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={101 6},
First principles calculations of the O surfaces of Co-ZnO show that substitutional Co ions develop large magnetic moments which long-range order depends on their mutual distance. The local spin polarization induced at the O atoms is 3 times larger at the surface than in the bulk, and the surface stability is considerably reinforced by Co. Moreover, a robust ferromagnetic state is predicted at the O (0001) surface even in the absence of magnetic atoms, correlated with the number of p holes in… 

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