Magnetic resonance relaxation properties of superparamagnetic particles.

  title={Magnetic resonance relaxation properties of superparamagnetic particles.},
  author={Yves Gossuin and Pierre Gillis and Aline Hocq and Quoc Lam Vuong and Alain Roch},
  journal={Wiley interdisciplinary reviews. Nanomedicine and nanobiotechnology},
  volume={1 3},
Nanometric crystals of maghemite are known to exhibit superparamagnetism. Because of the significance of their magnetic moment, maghemite nanoparticles are exceptional contrast agents and are used for magnetic resonance imaging (of the liver, spleen, lymph nodes), for magnetic resonance angiography and for molecular and cellular imaging. The relaxivity of these agents depends on their size, saturation magnetization and magnetic field and also on their degree of clustering. There are different… CONTINUE READING


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