Magnetic resonance imaging of single rice kernels during cooking.

  title={Magnetic resonance imaging of single rice kernels during cooking.},
  author={Ale{\vs} Mohori{\vc} and Frank J Vergeldt and Edo Gerkema and Adrie de Jager and John P. M. van Duynhoven and Gerard van Dalen and Henk Van As},
  journal={Journal of magnetic resonance},
  volume={171 1},
The RARE imaging method was used to monitor the cooking of single rice kernels in real time and with high spatial resolution in three dimensions. The imaging sequence is optimized for rapid acquisition of signals with short relaxation times using centered out RARE. Short scan time and high spatial resolution are critical factors in the investigation of the cooking behavior of rice kernels since time and spatial averaging may lead to erroneous results. The results are confirming the general… CONTINUE READING


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