Magnetic resonance imaging of acute “wiiitis” of the upper extremity

  title={Magnetic resonance imaging of acute “wiiitis” of the upper extremity},
  author={Michael P. Nett and Mark S. Collins and John W. Sperling},
  journal={Skeletal Radiology},
We present the first reported case of acute “wiiitis”, documented clinically and by imaging, of the upper extremity, caused by prolonged participation in a physically interactive virtual video-game. Unenhanced magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) demonstrated marked T2-weighted signal abnormality within several muscles of the shoulder and upper arm, without evidence of macroscopic partial- or full-thickness tearing of the muscle or of intramuscular hematoma. 

Wrist and Hand

Radiologists diagnosing overuse injuries in hand and wrist must have detailed knowledge of anatomy, sports specific biomechanics and sense of awareness of the sports specific pathology. Overuse

A case of arm swelling and muscle Wii-kness

A case of arm swelling with associated rise in serum creatine kinase to over 8000 U/L in a man, following unaccustomed and sustained strenuous muscle exertion through the use of the Nintendo Wii is described.

Acute wiiitis representing as thrombosis of the inferior vena cava and left pelvic veins

A patient is presented with a massive free floating thrombus of the left pelvic veins originating from the gluteal veins and reaching into the inferior vena cava after playing Nintendo Wii.

Beeldvormende technieken in de sportgeneeskunde

Sports radiology is a new radiological subspecialty that optimizes the choice of the best imaging technique to confirm the tentative diagnosis and to determine the treatment plan for traumatic sports-related injuries.

A Wii virtual activity severe thumb metacarpal injury

This case of a severe thumb bone injury sustained during simulated sporting activity using a Wii games console was a complex Rolando type of fracture similar to those obtained doing the actual activity mimicked by the game.

Nintendo related injuries and other problems: review

All reported cases of injury and other problems caused by using a Nintendo video gaming system are identified, which varies according to the video game console.

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Motion-controlled game consoles like Wii may be used to play virtual sports, but the injuries associated with them are real and can lead to real-life injuries.

Quantifying Finger Strain in Video Gaming

The information acquired from this study is novel and provides a description of finger kinematics that may be useful for design improvements of game controllers to mitigate the risks for overuse injuries.

Use of the Wii Fit system for the treatment of balance problems in the elderly: A feasibility study

This initial pilot study indicates that the Wii Fit gaming system has the potential to be used in clinical settings in order to improve balance in an 86 year-old woman five weeks after stroke.



Submaximal delayed-onset muscle soreness: correlations between MR imaging findings and clinical measures.

It is shown that submaximal workloads are adequate to produce DOMS and that correlations between conventionally measured indexes of injury may be enhanced at lighter exercise intensities.

Acute Wiiitis.

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