Magnetic resonance imaging in the early diagnosis of cavernous sinus thrombosis.

  title={Magnetic resonance imaging in the early diagnosis of cavernous sinus thrombosis.},
  author={Hatsue Igarashi and Shou Igarashi and Naoki Fujio and Kazuhiro Fukui and Akiko Yoshida},
  journal={Ophthalmologica. Journal international d'ophtalmologie. International journal of ophthalmology. Zeitschrift fur Augenheilkunde},
  volume={209 5},
A 55-year-old man reported a severe headache of 3 days' duration, left ptosis and left lid swelling before examination. The ocular examination revealed left eye proptosis, severe edema of the left bulbar conjunctiva and lid, increasing intraocular pressure of the left eye and ptosis on the left side with decreased extraocular movement. The right eye was normal. Hematologic studies indicated mild inflammation. An enhanced computed tomography scan revealed proptosis of the left globe and… CONTINUE READING


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