Magnetic resonance image enhancement using V-filter


A method for enhancing the boundaries of magnetic resonance images (MRIs) using a V-filter (a spatial nonlinear filter) is presented. By iterated V-filtering the signal-to-noise ratio of the MRI can be increased while preserving edge sharpness. A simulation experiment was carried out to evaluate the filter, using clinical brain images. The boundaries of the… (More)

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@article{Yamamoto1990MagneticRI, title={Magnetic resonance image enhancement using V-filter}, author={Hirono Yamamoto and Keitaro Sugita and Natusmi Kanzaki and I. Johja and Yoshikazu Hiraki and Masayuki Kuwahara}, journal={IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Magazine}, year={1990}, volume={5}, pages={31-35} }