Magnetic resonance angiography of peripheral runoff vessels.

  title={Magnetic resonance angiography of peripheral runoff vessels.},
  author={Jeffrey Paul Carpenter and Rodney S. Owen and Richard A. Baum and Constantine Cope and Clyde F. Barker and H. D. Berkowitz and Michael A. Golden and L J Perloff},
  journal={Journal of vascular surgery},
  volume={16 6},
  pages={807-13; discussion 813-5}
Recent improvements in magnetic resonance imaging techniques have made magnetic resonance angiography (MRA) a very useful adjunct to invasive angiography. Fifty-five limbs in 51 patients with occlusive peripheral vascular disease were studied with both MRA and contrast arteriography. The magnetic resonance and contrast arteriograms were read by radiologists and surgeons and separate interventional plans were based on each study. The MRA findings differed significantly from those of conventional… CONTINUE READING
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